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Staff Member of the Month: Kristy Albeño

Kristy is the first graduate of JPII to be hired as a full-time employee for our school. She is our office registrar and everybody’s friend. Kristy loves her job because she is able to use her expertise as a JPII grad to assist students with scheduling and decision making, while also checking in on students throughout the week. Kristy’s favorite way to get to know students is through passing the volleyball around after class.

Kristy with her husband, Andy, and their baby, Kelsey

Students, faculty, and staff often recreate together in the afternoons, which is a part of what makes JPII’s familial atmosphere like no other.

Kristy speaks fondly of what it is like to work here. When Kristy went to apply at another school, she was not greeted with a warm welcome. She felt tense, judged, and unwanted. This contrasts greatly to the open and free environment she had at JPII Junior College. The familial bond so often spoken of in our community flows from classrooms which encourage free thought and authenticity. This flow travels along with sweet sounds of laughter from study groups and classrooms down the halls of JPII and directs those encompassed within it towards greatness. As Kristy says, “JPII stands out from any other school when it comes to environment. There is always something great to be doing here, the students are just amazing, and this place has a very important impact on their lives. The moral views shared with us here help us to learn how to act out there.”

Kristy has seen the impact of a culture of truth and morality on her own life, as she lives differently than others her age. While many of her peers spend their time partying away their futures, she is happily married with a baby and continues to model for our students how a person can rise above the shortcomings of the society around them. Kristy will tell you that this a tough culture and time to be living faithfully, and we hope to continue to help people like Kristy have the knowledge and community to be able to do so.


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