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  • Natalie McIntyre

New student Hernandez edifies the JPII family

One of the newest additions to the JPII student community is Yesenia Hernandez, a Theology and Catechetics major. Yesenia decided to study at JPII after receiving her bachelors in Business at the

University of Belize. She wanted to continue to grow in her faith and be able to pursue a career geared towards sharing the faith with others. She naturally does a great job at this, as she is already inspiring other students to grow in their faith along with her. Thanks to her, we have occasional group rosaries in the chapel and access to some great Catholic books in Spanish.

Yesenia attributes her zeal to her holder brother, Ascención. He is also studying with JPII, but in our Diaconate formation program in order to become a permanent Deacon within the Catholic Church. She has learned a lot from her brother, and speaks fondly of the ways he has inspired their whole family to grow closer to Christ.

Yesenia comes from a village nearly an hour away from JPII. However, this has not stopped her from pursuing her education here. She has become a part of our pilot residential program, living in a home of female JPII students and faculty member, Ms. Anna. The residential program that is growing here is different than anywhere else in the country. Students live in a familial environment that strives to provide safe and authentic community, where they all are expected to adhere to a rule of life that cultivates genuine fun and growth in virtue.

Ms. Anna and the members of our pilot residential program

Yesenia was later addition to the house, but this did not stop her from becoming an essential part of the community. Ms. Anna herself attests to how Yesenia brought cohesion to the group, and made everything feel more whole.

We are grateful to have Yesenia as a part of the JPII family, with high hopes that she will help continue her family’s impact on the community.

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