John Paul II Junior College

Chapel Hill Road

Benque Viejo del Carmen

Cayo District, Belize

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John Paul II Junior College is a tertiary institution in Benque Viejo, Belize, offering a two-year associates program that engages students in a profound dialogue with the greatest thinkers in the history of Western civilization and promotes an authentic Catholic culture.


 John Paul II Junior College forms the person intellectually, spiritually, and morally.


This formation produces free, virtuous, and professionally competent persons who can direct themselves to their proper end of attaining true happiness and thus contribute effectively to the authentic good of humanity. 


My first year at JPII was amazing, yet challenging because I am a housewife and mother. Nevertheless, I was able to complete my first year and am so grateful to my family, friends, and teachers for that. I am ecstatic to begin with my second year at JPII and to take the advantage to continue building myself both mentally and spiritually. If God permits after I graduate, I would like to further my studies in economics and later become a teacher. Through this way I will be able to impact many young lives and build upon them a foundation full of values. All that I have learned and will learn at JPII will be transferred to my future students.

I needed to keep the faith, that’s why I chose John Paul II Junior College. I knew that if I chose JPII, God would be placed in the center of everything I do. Teachers have encouraged me to get out there and do things nobody has ever done before. They help you get out of your comfort zone and live life to the fullest. Not only do they tell us to step out fearlessly into the unknown but they remind us that He is always by our side. Everything we do is not only for our own benefit and future but for His greater glory. That’s what this school is all about. 

John Paul II Junior College has transformed the person I was. I used to be a shy person never looking forward to presenting up front or being a group leader. I used to see myself at the back of the line. JPII changed my mindset on that because I can now freely carry out my presentations and speak within a group. Lastly, it transformed me spiritually. It does not matter what religion one might come from, we all serve the same God and JPII opens a home for you in the warm heart of Jesus. JPII encourages you to build up your spiritual life daily and reminds that Jesus is the center of it all.