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We consider students for admission after all forms below have been submitted and an interview with the applicant has been completed. In light of our mission to educate the whole person, we look for an overall fit between the applicant and the college including aptitude and character traits demonstrating the likelihood of success with our challenging course of study.


A complete application consists of the following components: 

1. The Application Form. Full instructions for completing the form itself and all related application components are found on the form.

2. Essay Component. Please write one paragraph, with 5-8 sentences, for each of the following questions. 1. Many of our classes focus on books written more than a thousand years ago. What do you think is the purpose of studying the thinkers of Western Civilization? 2. Please describe how your family upbringing and school experience have shaped you and how continuing your education may shape Belize.

3. Official Transcript(s) of All Schools Attended. Kindly submit the official high school transcript in a sealed envelope. Include any tertiary-level transcript if seeking to transfer to John Paul II Junior College. The official transcript will be submitted at the time of the applicant’s interview.

4. Academic or Employment Reference. If currently in secondary school or recently graduated, please provide your high school principal’s email address. Otherwise, please provide your employer’s email for reference. 

5. Financial Proof of Support. Kindly provide proof of support to finance your education. This may be in the form of a Bank Statement or a Letter of Intent to Pay from a guardian or sponsor. The proof of support will be submitted at the time of the applicant’s interview.

6. Application Fee. An application is incomplete without payment of the corresponding fee as set forth by Admissions, $25.00. This may be paid in person at our campus, or through Heritage Bank: John Paul II Junior College, Acct: 7141045. If paid through Heritage, please email payment records to

7. Other Documents. Copies of the applicant’s Social Security card, high school diploma, and the statement of CSEC results, if applicable. These documents will be submitted at the time of the applicant’s interview.


For any queries regarding the application process, please contact

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What program are you interested in?
Religious Affiliation
How do you wish to enroll?
How will you finance your education at JPII?

Thanks for applying to study with us! We will get back to you soon.

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