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Classical Education
in the Catholic Tradition

John Paul II Junior College is a tertiary institution in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Belize, offering a two-year associates program that engages students in a profound dialogue with the greatest thinkers in the history of Western civilization and promotes an authentic Catholic culture on and off campus.

The college began operating in 2013 as an evening program at Mount Carmel High School with 28 full-time students. The faculty members included and still include volunteer professors from the United States of America. After two years in the old BRC Printing building, the College moved over to its new campus on Chapel Hill in August 2016.

Since its founding in 2013, John Paul II Junior College has provided a liberal education in line with the Catholic tradition of higher education. It offers concentrations in Business Administration, English, and Theology & Catechetics  in addition to the required liberal arts core. The college hopes to expand its academic program, providing more opportunities at an affordable cost for young adults seeking to nurture servant leadership in distinct areas of professional service.

Many thanks are due to the Charles Hunter S.J. Commission for exploring the needs of the community and Meliton Auil and Salvador Habet Sr. for making the college building possible. 

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